Holcam WebCenter

Welcome to Holcam's WebCenter quoting application!



To access the Holcam WebCenter, please either click the image above or the link below.



Please fill out this form for information/questions concerning the WebCenter, including: 

  • Obtaining a Dealer Login
  • Requesting information about the WebCenter program
  • Adding/Removing Users
  • Updating User Permissions
  • IP Address Location Locks
  • Reset Password/contact information
  • Other questions

(For questions concerning a specific order, please contact a Holcam CSR or Sales Rep.)


Documentation for the WebCenter can be found below and in the Support tab of the WebCenter program.


Holcam WebCenter Information Sheet

Dealer Manual

Holcam Upload Checklist

How to enter out of square dimensions

Holcam WebCenter Abbreviations

WebCenter Training Videos:

Training Video 1 – This video gives a brief overview of the Dashboard and its capabilities, shows how to create a customer, how to create a quote and how to turn a quote into an order.

Training Video 2 – This video goes over the steps for searching for a particular quote or order and then delves into information about previous orders and about the purchasing history.

Training Video 3 – This video provides greater detail about how to set up the different pricing methods and how to override pricing for specific quotes.  It also shows how to set up ship via and payment terms information.

Training Video 4 – This video explains how to indicate out-of-square measurements on any door type in the Holcam WebCenter.   Also available as a written document, titled “how to show out-of-square dimension.”

Training Video 5 – This video will briefly go over what is needed to upload orders and the steps involved.