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  • Holcam Eclipse sliding glass tub door enclosure - bte
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Holcam Shower Door

Eclipse 3/8" sliding tub door enclosure - BTE

  • Eclipse tub jamb system is included and required
  • Soft Sill threshold included: soft on feet and toes
  • ADA friendly (wheel chairs)
  • 2 7/8″ required minimum threshold width
  • Backed by Holcam Lifetime Warranty

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Product Features

Eclipse Shower Door & Enclosure

Redefine your bathroom with the Eclipse sliding shower door. Made with high-quality 3/8 in. clear, tempered safety glass and an elegant stainless steel roller system. This shower enclosure is not just stylish, it is also built to last a lifetime. A bulb-shaped door seal protects against water leakage, and the ADA-friendly, unique soft-sill for the bottom ledge is soft against feet but tough enough to handle wheelchairs.

Eclipse 3/8 or 1/2 inch Sliding Shower Door - SE180 | Holcam Shower Door  | Shower Doors & Enclosures | #description#

What People Say...

This shower door by Holcam is gorgeous and very sleek. I love the frameless design and quality of the material. This shower door is HEAVY and requires at least two people for installation. The thick tempered glass is scratch resistant and an oil repellent. It is also easy to clean and has less build up due to the materials. The barn door design is modern and will certainly enhance any bathroom. One door slides and the other is fixed in place. This shower is a high end quality product well worth its value. I highly recommend this shower door by Holcam, an established brand for over 95 years.

-Rondimo from