Keep your shower looking fresh with the Aqualite5 glass protection

Aqualite5 is a transparent glass coating that is applied to the glass and creates a true water repellent surface. This will help make cleaning your shower door a breeze, saving you time and money, while still keeping your glass looking new for years to come.

Finally, you can avoid harsh, toxic, chemical cleaners and still keep your glass looking beautiful!

5-Year Limited Warranty

The manufacturer of the Agualite5 coating warrants that it will remain water repellent (water bead angle remaining greater than 70 degrees) on clean glass for a period of 5 years from the date of receipt provided by your dealer.

Conditions: coating must be professionally or factory applied to new glass prior to coming into contact with any contaminants. Coating must be maintained as per the manufacturer’s instructions to validate and maintain the warranty.

This warranty is solely for the coating treatment, not the glass or any other components.

If you believe the treatment is not visibly water-repellent on clean glass within the warranty period, send a contact request including your name, warranty codes, and a brief explanation to the contact information on you warranty certificate. If it is determined that an area which has been correctly maintained has not remained water repellent, the manufacturer will gladly arrange replacement product to re-coat the affected area. The manufacturer reserves the right to inspect the glass by way of digital photos and text in order to determine that the product has been properly applied and maintained in accordance to the agreed Care Instructions.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

Depending on local conditions and minerals content, please follow the below cleaning guide to keep protected glass clean, and for removing buildup from the coated surface.

  1. For best results: Wipe down the glass after each use with a good-quality squeegee. This will reduce mineral spotting, keeping the glass cleaner between cleans.
  2. Once a week or as needed, wipe down the glass with a microfiber cloth dampened with white vinegar and a drop of non- abrasive liquid soap (hand, body, or dish). Rinse and dry.

Note: If you have professional cleaners, please provide a copy of the cleaning instructions to them and ensure they follow instructions to avoid damaging your Aqualite5 coating and voiding the warranty. If you are unsure of the cleaning process or finding any difficulties, please contact Aqualite5

Hard Water Maintenance or build-up: In hard water areas, or areas where water drops dry and leave a noticeable dust mark, a build of minerals may occur on the protective treatment.

  • Light buildup: spray undiluted white vinegar on the glass and allow to remain for several minutes. Spray again and firmly wipe down the glass with a microfiber, rinse, and dry. Repeat as needed until the glass is clean
  • Moderate to Heavy buildup: Spray undiluted white vinegar on the glass and allow to soak for several minutes. Dampen a Magic EraserⓇ or other melamine cleaning pad with vinegar, and wipe down the glass with light to moderate pressure. Repeat as needed with more vinegar until the glass is clean
  • Extreme buildup: Dampen a Magic EraserⓇ or other melamine cleaning pad with undiluted CLRⓇ (Calcium Lime Rust remover) and a drop of liquid soap. Rub with light to moderate pressure for a few minutes, squeeze out the pad, and repeat with more CLRⓇ. Rinse and dry the glass to inspect, and repeat as needed until the glass is clean.
    Important: Keep in mind that as the vinegar or CLRⓇ are dissolving mineral buildup they become less effective. It is beneficial to squeeze out and dampen every few minutes for best effect.

Once ALL buildup has been removed, the water should again bead into tall, round drops on the clean surface.

Approved Cleaning Products: While all that should be needed to keep the glass looking clean are a squeegee, good quality mild liquid soap, and white vinegar, occasionally we are asked to recommend specific products. Some major brand cleaners are listed below, but keep in mind they should not be necessary, and often have very limited benefits in removing either soap or mineral buildup.

  • SprayWayⓇ (or other alcohol based foaming cleaners)
  • Scrubbing BubblesⓇ (or other automatic leave-to-dry daily shower cleaners)
  • 7th GenerationⓇ, DawnⓇ (or other mild eco-friendly cleaners)
  • CLRⓇ (Calcium Lime Rust)
  • Mr. Clean Magic EraserⓇ (when damp)
  • WindexⓇ (Standard, vinegar, alcohol, ammonia)

It should be noted that with any cleaner used on the Aqualite5 surface a thorough rinse with clean water should follow immediately.

Caution: What to avoid: These may damage the treatment and void any warranty

  • Abrasives including water spot removers, toothpaste, polishes, Norwex Cloths, rough, or gritty substances
  • Acids or Alkalis that you would not want in contact for your skin for an extended period of time
  • Harsh or chemical cleaners. With correct maintenance, these are not required.

If for any reason the recommended maintenance has not been followed for some time, just as it took time for the build up to occur, it will take time to remove the debris from the protected glass surface. This can most commonly be achieved using undiluted white vinegar dampened on a Magic EraserⓇ, or CLRⓇ on a Magic EraserⓇ. Depending on the severity of the buildup this may take multiple attempts, but once the glass is clean again it will perform like new.